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No requirement to pre-pay for any boxes. The first $50 of profit from the orders of each scout goes to support the Troop. All profits beyond that are credited to the selling-scout towards summer camp.

Two Ways to sell:

1. Direct Customers to YOUR See's Webstore

Direct your customers to the troop website home page.* There they can select your name from one of the two drop-down menus, sending them to "your" store. No paper work to complete; no  money to collect. Your customer get their candy delivered to their home. The troop gets the money and you get credit for the sale.

Stores close December 3.

Easy peezy.

Want to monitor your sales?

Click HERE and follow the instructions.


Click on image below to download a flyer you can send to your friends, neighbors, and relatives...

Yes, even to Aunt Martha in Wisconsin.

2. Pre-orders

Click on image below to download a flyer you can show to your local friends, neighbors, and co-workers and an order form for recording purchases.

- Download the flyer and order form to the left.

- Contact your local friends and neighbors and show them the flyer, record their choices, and collect monies.

- Not later than December 1, 2021, turn in the order form and monies to the Troop Fundraising Coordinator.

- Sometime after Dec 4, you will be notified that your order is available for pickup from the Fundraising Coordinator.

- Pick up your order, deliver it to your customers.

Easy peezy.


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