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FEBRUARY 20-21, 2016


Basics [bey-siks]  

noun: Something that is fundamental; an essential principle, procedure, or skill.


Vince Lombardi famously would start every football season by holding up a football and saying to the assembled football pros: "Gentlemen, this ... is ... a football." Get the basics right, and great things follow. On this campout we return to the basics of scouting skills.


Mandatory participation for all scouts.

Campsite:  Arroyo Flats, Garin Regional Park

Gate Code:  TBA

Event Lead:  Maverick


  • Meet at Palmer at 8:00 a.m.; we will depart no later than 8:30 a.m.

  • Wear Class A (Scout Shirt, Neckerchief, Scout pants, boots.)

  • Bring:

    • Items on the Campout Packing List (See Resources page)

    • Compass

    • BSA 10 Essentials in a backpack

    • Notepad and pen

    • Sack lunch

  • Do NOT bring ipods, electronics

  • Pick up at Palmer approximately 10:30 on Sunday.  Watch for text message Sunday morning with ETA*


* Parents:  You must register your mobile phone number and carrier with TeamSnap to recieve text updates. 

8-1-8 is Great!

​Advancement  •  Spirit  •  Participation

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