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Troop 818 is on the move!!

MAY 4-5, 2024

We're on the move!

The beautiful Sunol Wilderness was once the realm of nomadic native American tribes. Today the nearly 7,000 acres of rolling green hills is home to grazing cattle and intrepid backpackers. We'll hike the pristine territory carrying what we need and leaving no trace. Adventure awaits!

Please Stand By.png
And it's gonna be AWESOME!
  • Meet at WCPC:  3:00 p.m.

  • Wear Class A (Scout Shirt, Neckerchief, Scout pants, boots.)

  • Bring:

    • Backpacking packing list

    • Compass

    • BSA 10 Essentials in a backpack

    • Notepad and pen

    • Sack lunch

  • Do NOT bring ipods, electronics

  • Pick up at WCPC: 2:00 p.m. on Sunday*


* Parents:  You must register your mobile phone number and carrier with TeamSnap to receive text updates. 

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