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November 9 - December 4

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No requirement to pre-pay for any boxes. The first $50 of profit from the orders of each scout goes to support the Troop. All profits beyond that are credited to the selling-scout towards summer camp.

Two ways to take orders...

(Yes. You can do it both ways.)

1. Take pre-sale orders

​ Just like last year...

  • Distribute the flyer below to your neighbors, friends, relatives, parent's co-workers.

  • Take pre-orders using the See's form provided below.

  • Collect purchase monies when order is made.

  • Submit completed order form and cash to Project Coordinator.

  • Pick up product from Coordinator. 

  • Deliver product to customers. 


*Pre-Sale order forms and cash must be turned in by November 30. 

2. Direct Customers to Our See's Webstore

New this year...

Register as a "Helper" to get credit for your customer's orders. Instructions can be found  below. 

Use this flyer encouraging customers/supporters to go to the Troop's custom See's Yum-raising website to make purchases.


Customers can get to the Troop's See's Store by clicking on the See's logo on the home page.




Pre-Order Form


Helper Instructions

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